The 411
Other names N/A
Inventor Mr. Holmes
Type of food Breakfast
Where to buy Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Basic ingredients croissant, muffin

Origin Edit

The cruffin is a pastry creation from San Francisco bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Although not invented by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (the cruffin is based on an old French pastry), co-owner and pastry chef Ry Stephen claims to have brought it to San Francisco. In March 2015, a thief broke into the Tenderloin bakery and left the cash and iPads but stole the cruffin recipe. After the cruffin caper, demand for the already popular hybrid pastry exploded.

Description Edit

The cruffin is cross between a croissant and a muffin. It is essentially a muffin that made out of croissant dough and filled with various flavors.

Where to find it Edit

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (San Francisco)

How to make it Edit

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